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Destiny 2: Bungie Explains Why You Should Still Invest In the Original Game

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Destiny 2

With Destiny 2 confirmed for release sometime in 2017, a lot of the game?s fans are already looking ahead to next year. However, Bungie wants you to know that they still have a lot planned for the original game. In an interview with?VentureBeat, Scott Taylor, the executive producer behind the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, discussed how he and his team are dealing with the looming presence of Destiny 2.

Still a Lot Planned Before Destiny 2

?If we present a quality product in Destiny and people like Destiny ? that?s how we?re hoping people think of it. They just want to come and play and be in the world. We?re trying to create opportunities for that,? explained Taylor.

?Whether you just want to patrol The Plaguelands while you?re chatting casually, doing some public events and new patrols, or if you want to jump into the new raid and do the hardest thing you can do in Destiny. We?re trying to create opportunities for people who like Destiny to jump in and play. That?s the way I think of it, to try and make a quality product and give opportunities for players to come in,? he added.

Previously, Bungie confirmed that more content for the original game is still in the pipeline after Rise of Iron?s launch in September. Creative Director Chris Barrett said that this could come in the form of free updates, but he didn?t rule out doing more paid expansions as well.

If Destiny 2 is being targeted as a holiday 2017 release, that means there?s still plenty of time for players on the fence to jump in and experience the original. ?

What do you think of Bungie?s claim? Are you still excited to play more of the original? Or is your attention firmly fixed on Destiny 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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