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Destiny 2: Bungie Confirms More Expansions Before Sequel Releases

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Destiny 2

We already know that Destiny 2 is coming in 2017, but that doesn?t mean Bungie is dropping all support for its predecessor next year. In an interview with Kotaku, Bungie Creative Director Chris Barrett and Marketing Head Eric Osborne confirmed that the first Destiny?s content road map will not end when the Rise of Iron expansion releases this September.

More ?Content Planned Before Destiny 2 Hits in 2017

?People are concerned, I mean we?ve been out 18 months. I think people talk about Destiny like it?s been here for decades. Eighteen months, this is our fourth expansion. 40+ updates to the base game. I think the content pace is pretty normal… It?s a nice problem to have that people want to know about more content,? said Osborne in response to the question about Destiny?s future post-Rise.

The pair was then asked whether the post-Rise content would take the form of paid DLC or smaller-sized free updates and live events. Barrett responded, saying, ?The idea is all of the above, right? So we want to get to a place where we can ship really great expansions like Rise of Iron and cool events like Festival of the Lost, and that?s sort of the full library of stuff that we want to deliver. We want to keep more regular content for players.?

From his statement, it?s clear that Bungie has a lot more planned for the original Destiny.

Given the timetable for Destiny 2?s release, we think it?s unlikely that another Rise of Iron-style $40 add-on for the first Destiny will make it out in time. We predict that whatever Bungie has planned after Rise?s launch in September will be closer in size and scope to the House of Wolves and Dark Below DLC from Destiny year 1.

The spring update which rolled out last April is also a good example of what future Destiny content might look like. The patch introduced several big changes and improvements completely free of charge.

What do you think? Can Bungie squeeze in another major expansion before Destiny 2 hits? Or will Rise of Iron be the last paid DLC of Destiny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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