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Destiny 2 Beta Review: New Villain, Solid Gunplay And More Pull Destiny Out From The Grave

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A new leak has hinted at new content. [Image from Amazon]

Bungie recently opened up the servers of the Destiny 2 beta and players got to try out the next outing in the developer’s shooter. With the game now available for testing, players are getting to see all of the changes and improvements the second game has over the first game. Is it enough to make up for the blunders of Destiny at launch? Here’s our Destiny 2 beta review.

The Story

One of the most criticized aspects of the first Destiny. Not only was the plot basic and lackluster, most of the game’s lore had to be read about in a website outside the game. Even before that, players have to collect Grimoire Cards to further expand their knowledge on the game.

The developer has said before that Grimoire Cards are a thing of the past. That’s a good thing as players are probably sick of opening up browsers to read more about the game. As for Destiny 2’s story, it looks like the game is already setting up to be a better sci-fi epic than the first game.

The story of the game highlights a new struggle for the Guardians as the Tower gets destroyed. Leading the pack of baddies is a new villain named Dominus Ghaul who could be a memorable villain if Bungie makes his lines as impressive in the beta when it comes to the full game.

Ghaul ends the beta by saying “Do not look at me, creature. You are weak, undisciplined, cowering behind walls. You are not brave, you’ve merely forgotten the fear of death. Allow me to reacquaint you.” In just a few lines, Ghaul already outperformed villains from the first game.

The Gunplay

When it comes to gunplay, Destiny 2 doesn’t offer much change. That’s not bad though as the gunplay in the first game felt neat. As compared to standard shooters, the recoil was rather heavy and players had to consistently check their targets. It made shooting more active and exhilarating.

One of the changes coming to Destiny 2 in terms of weapons is that power weapons, like the rocket launchers, now have their own slot. The problem is, the ammo drop for these type of weapons are rather scarce. Hopefully, Bungie gets to fix this in the full game.

The New Subclasses

As expected, the new subclasses for each character class are amazing and offer up an amazing change of pace for the game. For example, it was pretty fun to use the Titan’s Sentinel ability to mow down enemies with the shield. Each of the new subclasses are fun in their own right but Bungie has yet to perfect with what to do with the super abilities.

Like the first game, it takes time before players can active their super abilities. That’s not the worst part. The problem is that super abilities end pretty quickly, which is pretty noticeable in PvE modes. At most times, it feels like the game doesn’t want us to use super abilities anymore with the slow refresh rate and the quick active time. Lucky for Bungie, this is something that could easily be fixed with a few tweaks.


From the get-go, Destiny 2 is already a better game as compared to the first game. The improvements to the story and the array of new content gives us hope that Bungie did learn from the mistakes of the first game.

Bungie is far from perfecting Destiny though. What Destiny 2 lacks is a few balancing tweaks. We’ve also not yet seen the rest of what the game has to offer but with the beta, we can at least say that Destiny 2 is shaping up to be the epic sci-fi adventure that was promised before.

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