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Destiny 2 Beta Releasing For Nintendo NX?

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Is Destiny 2 releasing for the Nintendo NX? A report from noted industry insider ?Geno? says yes. The anonymous source has a long track record of leaking big moves within the video game industry. His latest scoop was the big reveal of Pokemon Sun and Moon. In the past he also correctly broke news regarding Microsoft?s Illumiroom Technology and the hardware capabilities of the PlayStation 4.

Destiny 2 on NX?

A few days ago in report for DualPixels, he released a host of new information regarding the hardware specifications of Nintendo?s upcoming mystery console. Now he?s followed that up with some software news. According to him, Activision wants to bring its biggest franchises to the NX; with Destiny 2 being one of them.

According to Geno?s sources, the next Destiny title will be called ?Beyond Destiny? and will release during the Holiday window of 2017. ?Activision is interested in bringing Beyond Destiny to NX due to the fact you can play local and online multiplayer between units at the same time,? Says the article. Nintendo is also trying to negotiate ?beta access? for the game.

Bungie?s Eric Osborne quickly responded to the alleged leaks, posting this tweet on his account shortly after.

?After a few fun years in the industry, I am well Beyond rumor and speculation. I wish you were 2!?

Bungie has already confirmed in the past that more Destiny content is coming. The developer has laid out plans for a second major expansion to the first game which will then be followed by a full sequel next year. News of it coming to the NX is obviously very interesting.

However, until we get official confirmation from Activision, we?ll have to file this one as a rumor. For the latest Destiny 2 and Nintendo NX news, keep it right here on The BitBag.


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