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Destiny 2 Beta Guide: What Class You Should Choose

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The Dawnblade Teaser In Destiny 2
One Of The Leaked Concept Arts For Destiny 2 [Image Captured From YouTube]

Bungie has finally rolled out the beta for Destiny 2 and players already have the chance to see and feel most of the changes in the game. Destiny 2 can stand on its own and players need not play the first game to enjoy the second entry. As such, there are quite a few new players trying out the Destiny 2 beta.

Those new to the game might be interested in trying out the classes and the Destiny 2 beta is a good chance to try out the Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes, each of which play differently from each other. Here’s a rundown of the classes in the Destiny 2 beta.


The Titan is the class that can serves as someone of the tank in the game. They’re formidable up close and they serve as the front line in parties. Those who have been used to classes that usually tank their way through enemies should consider the Titan class. One of the new skills of the Titan class is the Barrier which allows players to project a barrier whenever and wherever they want.


What the Titan boasts in armor, the Warlock lacks. Although the Warlock gets damaged way to heavily, it’s also one of the highest damaging classes of the three and it can combat battles way up close. One of the new skills for the Warlock is Rift. This allows players to create a special area that can buff any allies that step in.


The Hunter is the all around class in Destiny 2 and it’s a rather balanced class. The new skill of the Hunter class is Dodge. By the name itself, Dodge is simply a skill that allows Hunters to avoid projectiles or other hits easily. 

Each character class also has their respective subclasses and special moves. Make sure to try them out to see which one best suits your playstyle.

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