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Destiny 2 Alternative: Bioware’s Anthem

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Destiny 2
Source: Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal video

Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference showcased Bioware’s Anthem as its last reveal. Anthem resembles Bungie’s Destiny 2 in some ways as it features raid dungeons, looting, and a futuristic setting with its aesthetics. Potentially, Bioware’s Anthem has a strong chance of becoming an alternative to Bungie’s upcoming title.

Gameplay Reveal

Anthem‘s reveal was mostly about laying down its setting and gameplay systems to its audience. In Bioware’s new title, players will have access to exosuits called “Javelins” and explore its open world to do missions and find loot. Eventually, players will also find entrances to raid dungeons and instantly call down friends to their area for their session. So far, the game’s open world looks beautiful in its presentation of its systems, but we’ll have to wait if it’ll have the same quality on release.

Same Setting, Different Direction

While Anthem and Destiny 2 have a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting, both games go have a different direction in terms of its presentation and story. Anthem features s a vibrant world that’s enjoyable to explore. Rather than being defenders of humanity’s last city, Anthem‘s end goal seems more open-ended as it has an exploration-focused story and an open world that players can wander in for loot.

Bioware is known for its narrative-driven stories, though it’s still unclear if this will be toned down for their multiplayer co-op game. Building up reputation and picking dialogues according to your tastes isn’t confirmed yet, but Bioware’s previous games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age became popular because of this feature.

All For Loot

At the end of the demonstration, one player gets a Legendary weapon, which is like Destiny loot systems. Usually, adventure-focused shooters reward their players through rare loot and missions for playing. This is also the case in Anthem, but we don’t know too much how EA and Bioware will balance out this system.

For now, Anthem can be a Destiny 2 alternative basing from its looks. However, Anthem still has to show more actual gameplay and features down the line to confirm if it’s really worthy to drop Activision’s tested title. EA’s upcoming shooter really looks like a refined and repurposed Mass Effect multiplayer mode into a standalone title. Stay updated with more Anthem news here on The Bitbag.

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