Despicable Me 3 Trailer, Cast & Characters: South Park Creator as New Villain Who Brings Back the 80s

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Illumination Entertainment released a Despicable Me 3 trailer with its animated comedy Sing arriving later this month. The trailer drops significant hints about what to expect in the latest sequel. It revealed that the new villain is a guy who wears shoulder pads.

The new villain looks like he was from the 80?s. He also sports a mullet with a bald spot. He uses Rubik?s Cube as his weapon and he also has a powerful keytar.

Another interesting thing about this new villain is that he is voiced by Trey Parker. Parker is the creator of South Park. The Despicable Me 3 trailer introduced Balthazar Bratt, the new villain you will love.

Balthazar is a former child star. He becomes obsessed with the character he played in the 80?s as he grows up. It seems he will be a formidable enemy of Gru.

Despicable Me 3 Cast and Characters

Fans are surely excited to see Steve Carell back as the charming villain Gru. The third instalment also features the return of other members of the original cast. These include Kristen Wiig as Lucy. Gru?s adorable girls are also back. Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), Agnes (Nev Scharrel) will surely be part of Despicable Me 3. After all, all of these characters are now a family as seen in the latest movie.

And of course, Despicable Me 3 would not be complete without the Minions. They will surely be back with their cute little weird ways.

As for Parker?s involvement in the film, fans are surely excited to see what he is bound to bring to the table. The voice actor is known for a wide variety of characters he played on South Park. Fans are also looking forward to the 80?s vibe that he will bring to the film.

Despicable Me 3 is under the direction of Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda. It is co-directed by Eric Guillon. The film is written by Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio.

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Despicable Me 3 is slated to be released in theaters next summer on June 30, 2017. Watch the trailer here. Tune in only here at TheBitbag for more Despicable Me 3 news and updates.?Watch Despicable Me 3 trailer here.

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