Desktop PC Hits a Sudden Boom in Sales After Removing XP Support

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Desktop PC Hits a Sudden Boom in Sales After Removing XP Support

London, United Kingdom ? Desktop PC sales have been hitting high in Europe after 13 straight quarters of poor financial performance. What could be the reason behind it?

The experts think that letting go of the Windows XP support is the biggest reason why the company has been doing good. This has saved them from more possible losses. They have replaced the machines that were run on Windows XP already. In a few hours? time, the entire program will be discarded from the market.

The other parts of the world are enjoying the growth, as well. The headquarters in Africa and the Middle East are experiencing better results by .3 percent.

The More Tangible Side of the Growth

They cannot solely base the growth on the removal of Windows XP alone. The public?s reaction to the announcement could be the one that triggered it. There are those who are choosing the desktop PC because it is more apt when it comes to the storage size.

The shipments went to 22.9 million from 22.8 million euros. This is just in Europe alone. The rest of the world is experiencing the same because there is economic stability among countries. Business has become better for the Europeans. They could avoid other products for their personal needs more than the last quarters.

The Competition Between Other Gadgets

Desktop PC, on the other hand, cannot solely be blamed for the decline of their sales for the last 13 quarters. The market is getting tougher and tougher for everyone out there. There are loads of materials where people can choose from. Right now, desktop companies are struggling with the competition among smartphones, tablets, phablets and laptops.

Before, it was a lot easier to penetrate and dominate because all you will have to do is to think of your fellow desktop providers. Now, companies will have to think of ways to be at the same level as the newer products. It will not be long until we see everybody touching their screens, too, while typing their resumes or articles.

A PC cannot do this all the time. They will also have to step up for their sales to be more stable and increasing. Depending on ?other?s mistakes? is not the way to succeed in business today. What if they do the job perfectly? It should rely on its strengths and invest heavily on it. What do you think is the PC?s strength?

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