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Designated Survivor Season 2 New Characters’ Roles Revealed Ahead Of Casting

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The season finale of Designated Survivor had us fans at the edge of our seats. Sadly, we won’t be getting a resolution to that major cliffhanger anytime soon. But thanks to Kiefer Sutherland, we do know now that there’s more to come in Designated Survivor Season 2 and that includes new faces, of course.

Spoiler alert! This article contains Designated Survivor spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what the next season brings.

Sutherland, who plays the role of cabinet member-turned-president Tom Kirkman on the show, previously teased that there will be “no less than three principal characters” that will be introduced “to round out the complexities of running the White House” and to delve more deeply into the lives of the series’ main characters.

According to TV Line, among those who will be introduced in Season 2 include “a ‘fiery’ female White House Counsel and a ‘ruggedly handsome’ MI-6 operative who crosses paths with Hannah.” The publication did not provide further details about the roles, but it did claim that no casting has been made yet.

As for the original cast, all surviving characters are expected to return next season, including Natascha McElhone (First Lady), Adan Canto (Aaron Shore), Italia Ricci (Emily Rhodes), and, of course, Sutherland himself, among others. Rob Morrow also confirmed that he’s been promoted as a recurring character in the second season after making his debut in the episode Backfire last season.

What’s next on Dez?

It is unclear at this point what Season 2 will bring us plot-wise but Sutherland teases “a midseason event that I believe will knock the socks off our audience.” Whatever that means, we’re expecting the show will be heading in a slightly different direction due to its behind-the-scene shake-up.

For those who missed it, Designated Survivor Season 2 has a new showrunner for the fourth time in its short history. Keith Eisner, best known for executive producing The Good Wife, is replacing Jon Harmon Feldman who vacated the post for his other ABC projects. Nonetheless, this showrunner change should not alter the overall story.

Designated Survivor Season 2 will still answer who is behind the catastrophic attack that killed America’s highest elected officials, making the lowly Secretary of Housing and Urban Development the President. There should be more challenges and oppositions to Kirkman’s presidency thrown into the mix as well.


Designated Survivor Season 2 returns this fall.

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