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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 2 Spoilers: Kirkman Isn?t Safe

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Designated Survivor Season 1, episode 2 spoilers are finally out!. Kirkman learns some crazy truths about his situation in this episode, which will essentially challenge his reign for the entire season.

Needless to say, episode 2 introduces some pretty big plot points. With spoilers ahead, this is your last chance to turn back now, you curious mortal, you.

He isn?t Safe

Episode two titled, The First Day introduces a new character who could take over Kirkman?s job. The character is a new cabinet minister.

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In the episode, Kirkman will learn that apparently, him being president isn?t as secure as he thought. It can actually be taken over and there?s no 100% job security.


This is because he learns that a designated survivor is still around, and on his first day! Jon Harmon Feldman, an executive producer on the show explained that they adopted something real. It appears that there existed an old US fail safe plan in place back in the days of the Cold War.

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Feldman also explain that anyone who is chosen from the party to rise to power is considered a designated survivor. The chosen designated survivor will be secured while the rest of the government presumes function.

What makes Kirkman?s situation tricky is that there isn?t just one survivor to worry about. He?s not the only cabinet minister who was chosen. The question now is just how he?s going to deal with this fact.

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The president doesn?t have a lot of people on his side. One of the important things he needs to address this season is this problem.

No Help

He will definitely need some backup. This is because Kirkman?s detractors are already vying to get ahold of power. They even aim to usurp the position Kirkman will have the moment it gets finalized.

The show is still in the early parts of its narrative but things already went up a notch in just the second episode. Stay tuned in with us to get the latest on Designated Survivors news and spoilers.

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