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Designated Survivor Review, Airdate & Episode 7 Recap: Tom Kirkman Learns He?s Leo?s Father

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Designated Survivor episode titled The Results focused on the matters of the Congressional elections. It was a matter that was first discussed in Episode 6. Several viewers were satisfied to see the latest episode fulfill what was lacking in The Interrogation.

Our Designated Survivor review sees the last episode as one filled with emotions. That is specifically true when the President delivered his speech from the Capitol in the aftermath of the attack. The speech was a gut-wrenching one.

It seems the President has won the hearts of America when he reassured the country of the importance of bravery. He also emphasized the importance of democracy in difficult times. The speech from the Tom Kirkman was so moving. Designated Survivor viewers might have forgotten that they are watching a television show.

DNA Test

The DNA testing is one of the highlights of Designated Survivor episode 7. It was done to reveal who Leo’s father really was. Kirkman handed the envelope that contains the results to Leo.

But Leo was no longer interested about knowing the truth. It was after he had a conversation with Mike. Their topic was about how a secret service agent was raised by his stepdad.

Leo eventually decided he did not need to know who his father is. He returned the envelope to Kirkman. The latter decided to be the one to open it. Kirkman found the truth. He was the father of Leo. It will be interesting to see how the truth will change their lives in the next episodes of the show.

Peter Not Bad After All?

The final scene from Designated Survivor episode 7 has shown Peter meeting with Mrs. X. The former asked her how many more good people need to be destroyed. This has led Designated Survivor viewers to assume that Kirkman is not really as bad as he seems.

The particular scene that involves Peter definitely adds a layer to his character. Viewers expect more revelations about him in the upcoming episodes of Designated Survivor.

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