Designated Survivor Episode 7 Recap, Episode 8 Spoilers: Tom Kirkman Cancels The Elections

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Tom Kirkman delivered a speech in Designated Survivor Episode 7. It was about the Yankees playing baseball after 9/11. He said that is an example of how sports can help heal a nation. He connected his example to the reason why he opted to send the USA Track & Field team to Moscow.

Viewers of Designated Survivor have seen Kirkman and Coach Weston sharing a private moment. Weston was eventually arrested the moment he arrived in Moscow. It was revealed the he was actually a freelance spy.

Kirkman met with the Russian ambassador. The latter told him that he will let Weston go on one condition. That is for the United States to disarm one of their bases near the Russian border in Turkey. Kirkman declined.

Designated Survivor Episode 8 Spoilers

Now viewers are moving forward into the next stage with Designated Survivor Episode 8. The upcoming episode is titled The Results. It is expected to see more crazy stories, twists and turns.

Spoilers for Designated Survivor Episode 8 suggest that Kirkman considers cancelling the elections entirely. The synopsis for the next episode reveals that this is due to an unexpected development on the eve of the country voting to elect a new House of Representatives.

The news of Majid Nassar?s death is another thing that fans should expect in Designated Survivor Episode 8. How will Kirkman handle the fallout?

A promo clip for Designated Survivor Episode 8 is already released. Watch the clip below and get some interesting ideas about what to expect in the upcoming episode.

Episode 8 of Designated Survivor is slated to hit the small screens on November 30. The series is apparently taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday. For more Designated Survivor news and spoilers, tune in only here at TheBitbag.

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