Designated Survivor Episode 11 Spoilers, Release Date and Episode 10 Recap: Make A Wild Guess On Who Gets Shot

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Designated Survivor Episode 11
Designated Survivor Episode 11

Episode 10 ?The Oath? left fans at the edge of their seats as the fall run ended with a bang. Not only did Hannah survive last week’s Michael Vaughn-ing, she was also successful in fending off the bystander who came to her rescue by trying to choke her. What does Designated Survivor Episode 11 have in store for us next spring?

Designated Survivor Episode 10 Recap

She was able to knock her assailant and crash her car at the same time. Blood was oozing from her stomach when she got out of the vehicle. Down the street into an alleyway she went, while her attacker called his boss and told him the bad news.

Hannah managed to get into Chuck’s apartment. He fixed and bandaged her up with the help of YouTube. He was also able to track the last phone call she got from a mystery tipster. This led her to a convenience store who was able to identify the buyer of the burner that’s been ringing her. She was then able to track down the caller’s remote cabin. In here she found dead President Richmond’s chief of staff who’s also (supposed to be) dead- Charlie Langdon?!

A shot reverberates from the woods. Hannah gunned down the shooter and Langdon flees. Hannah found a card key from the shooter. It pointed to a room in an office building parallel to the location of Congressman MacLeish’s upcoming swearing in ceremony.

Designated Survivor Episode 11 Spoilers: Assassination Attempt Imminent?

Now, even if Hannah wanted to call law enforcement agencies about her suspicion about an assassination attempt, she couldn’t. Last week, the White House was led to believe that Agent Wells was obsessed with the VP candidate. Her disappearance from the scene of the suspicious car accident was making things worse. And the eventual spotting of her running from a remote cabin where an unidentified man was shot to death was not helping either. Not to mention the fact that she was dating a married senator.

Despite all these, Kirkman wants to give Wells the benefit of a doubt. After all, she was looking into the Capitol blueprints way before Kirkman received the mysterious file saying how to level the landmark. Also, Wells had intel that made Kimble hold up the vote on MacLeish. However, Secret Service agent Mike disagrees. He feels it’s better to overreact and be wrong than underestimate Wells and regret it in the end per TV Line.

In the end, Hannah was not able or was not willing to bring anyone else into the loop. She headed to the Capitol. She left her car close enough and she was just a few steps away from the crowd. She looked up at the office building facing the steps. She saw the shooter in an open window. She quickly fired off her own shot with her handgun. Just in time, it struck the window sill and averted his aim just as he squeezed the trigger. Then…cliffhanger.

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No one knows what happened next. Or if Kirkman was really the target. People could only make wild guesses. The show is on hiatus and returns on ABC with Designated Survivor Episode 11 next spring. For more of Designated Survivor Episode 11 news and latest tidbits, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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