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Descendants of the Sun: Song Joong Ki?s Rumored Secret Wife Revealed!

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Song Joong Ki?s rumored secret wife is believed to be 20 year old student Mai Wei. The internet has been set ablaze with recent news that the star of Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong Ki, actually has a secret wife!

Fans are currently researching any shred of evidence to find out the truth about the recent allegation. The main reason for this is, Joong Ki ?is paired with co-star Song Hey Kyo. And of course, delusional die hard fans will do whatever they can to protect the on screen scripted relationship of their idols in real life.

So it?s no surprise that news of Descendants of the Sun?s Song Joong Ki being secretly married to a woman who isn?t Song Hey Kyo would send fans over the edge.

The rumors tell that Song Joong Ki is actually married to a 20 year old Chinese university student. The name of the supposed wife is Mai Wei. She?s quite a looker and she had appeared on TV a number of times. Mai Wei is pursuing her studies at China?s Beijing University at the moment.

Secret Wife: Mai Wei

Mai Wei is supposedly a big fan of Descendants of the Sun?s Song Joong Ki (who wouldn?t?!). The rumor of Mai Wei being linked to Song Hey Kyo started in a TV contest in Beijing. The TV contest was a challenge to judge the contestants on their knowledge about Song Joong Ki. With Song Joong Ki?s popularity, it?s no surprise that a lot of women joined.


The winner of the TV contest was Mai Wei. This is also the moment the that sparked the rumor of her being Song Joong Ki?s wife. The three other top contestants got signed up to a modeling agency and receive tickets to meet Song Joong Ki. Mai Wei on the other hand got 6000 Yuan as her dowry.

Weighing the Facts

The rumor is arguably far-fetched but there are two main factors that give this startling rumor some weight.

First is Descendants of the Sun?s Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki?s relationship with each other. These two have been adamant in denying any relationship between them. They both know how much their fans want for them to be together, but they still choose to reject this idea.

Second is, Song Joong Ki?s sentiments on having a relationship. In his interview with Soompi, he revealed that he has no plan to make his relationship made public. According to him, it?s his way to respect his significant other?s feelings and privacy.

With all of these variables at play, Song Joong Ki?s secret wife rumor needs more proof but it?s definitely not off the table yet.

Do you think Song Joong Ki has a secret wife? Let us know in the comments below!

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