?Descendants Of The Sun? Season 2: Song Hye Kyo Out, Song Joong Ki Back In?

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Will the lead stars of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ be back for season 2?

?Descendants of the Sun? season two is reportedly slated for 2017. However, some may wonder if the show will still be a hit given all the different rumors surrounding the involvement of lead stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

There are reports claiming that Song Joong Ki might be back to reprise his role as Yoo Shi-Jin. The actor has also been vocal about wanting to work with Song Hye Kyo again.

Their wartime-themed love story became a huge hit among k-drama viewers worldwide, so fans got eager with the two?s possible return for a sophomore season.

Viewers got even became more excited when rumors began circulating about Soong Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo?s alleged real-life romance.However, some reports claim that the lead cast?s alleged off-screen relationship might just be a publicity stunt to keep the public interested in the show, given the long wait before its season two premiere.


Descendants of the Sun became a hit worldwide.

The return of Song Joong Ki might also not be possible since he is said to be busy filming ?Battleship Island.? Conflicts between his schedule and that of Song Hye Kyo?s have also led to initial rumors that they will not be part of ?Descendants of the Sun? season two. In fact, the issues over the two lead characters? schedules is supposedly why the airdate of ?Descendants of the Sun? season two was pushed to 2017.


Song Joong Ki has been busy with tours and other acting projects.

While there are reports about Song Joong Ki?s possible return in the hit KBS romantic drama, his leading lady is currently facing the possibility of losing a role.

This is after Song Hye Kyo got dragged into the controversial break up of fellow Korean stars Suzy and Lee Mino. The latter reportedly admitted in an interview that the ?Full House? actress is his ?type,? leading many to speculate that it could be the reason why he and Suzy Bae ended their relationship.


Has Song Hye Kyo’s involvement in Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s split affected ‘Descendants of the Sun’?

Moreover, the negative publicity surrounding Song Hye Kyo allegedly might cause the cancellation of the ?Descendants of the Sun? movie.

If all this is true, then fans can only hope that her return in ?Descendants of the Sun? season two won?t be affected too.

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