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Descendants of the Sun’ Season 2 News Updates

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Descendants of the Sun had ended three months ago and fans are again already hyped up since the second season is already in progress.

The final episode aired last April 14. A good number of fans wondered whether the beloved drama will return for a second season. And if so, what would be the new adventure for Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo?s love story?


The Story ?

There?s a prevalent rumor already making rounds around the internet about season two already in the works. It is strongly speculated that Actor Song Joon-Ki along with Actress Song Hye-Kyo have already met with the new team of writers for the new season It is believed that the they were able to already discuss the upcoming sequel.

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However, there is still no official words out with regards to a second season. KBS has given no announcement whether Descendants of the Sun will have a second season or not.

But just because there isn?t a statement out, doesn?t mean it won?t happen. Descendants of the Sun was very successful both locally and internationally.


The Success

TNMS and Nielsen Korea have pointed out in the past the the series was able to score 28.4 percent viewer rating in Korea ?on average. In the season?s finale, the highest rating went up to 37.9 percent from TNMS and 40.2 from Nielsen Korea. Needless to say, Descendants of the Sun was very successful indeed.

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Internationally, Descendants of the Sun did very well as well. The drama was so sought after that it was exported to 27 countries. Some of the countries are; U.S., China, Japan, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

For the meantime we all have to wait till official words comes out that Descendants of the Sun Season 2 will happen. No one?s sure yet if Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo will be returning or a new cast will take over.

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But with the great success of the show, odds are it?s only a matter of time before season two becomes reality. Till then stay tuned in with us to get any new development with Descendants of the Sun Season 2!


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