Descendants Of The Sun Season 2 Controversies: Changing Cast, Plot Twists, And Rumored Cancellation

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Descendants of the Sun season 2 reports have been coming out for months, all claiming different details about the cast and plot. At one point, the entire project was even rumored to be cancelled.

With so many rumors about the highly anticipated sequel, we have rounded up what fans can expect if the globally popular k-drama does return on TV.


There have been news that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki will not join Descendants of the Sun season 2. The two played main characters Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Shi Jin respectively. Insiders claimed that they still want to work together, but were forced to back out due to scheduling conflicts.

Because of this, rumors began circulating that the new lead stars will be former supporting characters ?Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo. The latter has even expressed his interest in the sequel during a recent interview.

However, there are still insiders who are insisting that Hye Kyo and Joong Ki will still be part of Descendants of the Sun season 2?s cast.


Inevitably, the different reports about its lead stars directly affected news about Descendants of the Sun season 2?s plot.

There were rumors that the new installment will expound on the ?against-all-odds love story of Ji Won and Jin Goo. This is because of how their storyline was widely followed during season 1.


However, a contrasting report claimed that the plot will still revolve around Hye Kyo and Joong Ki?s characters. In fact, the two will reportedly get married and have kids in Descendants of the Sun season 2. The sequel will allegedly narrate their struggles to balance career and family life.

Their children?s safety will also be put on the line since the new story will reportedly be ?more chaotic and bloody.?


Fans are also worried with the possibility that Descendants of the Sun season 2 might not happen at all.

Descendants of the Sun

Aside from the fact that rumors about the project have been coming from unnamed insiders only, it was recently reported that the sequel might be cancelled due to a ?politically motivated ban.?

Rumors are rife that China is upset with the South Korean government?s decision to support America in deploying a U.S.-developed missile shield.

Out of disappointment, Chinese authorities have allegedly ordered several TV stations to disapprove new program applications featuring South Korean pop stars. Descendants of the Sun season 2 is allegedly included in the roster of cancelled shows. With the show?s huge audience share in China, it is possible that producers will just end up cancelling the sequel altogether.

Since there have been contrasting reports about what Descendants of the Sun season 2, it is best to take all claims with a grain of salt and wait for official information from KBS Network. Nonetheless, we at TheBitBag will be on the lookout for updates

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