Descendants Of The Sun 2 Updates: Plot, Release Date, Cast, Other Issues

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Due to serious public demand, Descendants of the Sun Season 2 was officially confirmed to be released in 2017. KBS Drama department head Jung Sung Ho confirmed that the hit series will be back next year, as long as there will be no problem with negotiations among the characters and the production team.

Though it has already been revealed that the upcoming season is going to have a fresh storyline, there are no confirmations yet if Kim Eun Sok will return to his writer?s seat. Fans are hoping that the plot will continue with its military theme. The writer earlier said that the second season will not be a sequel to the first installment. Eun Sok admitted that he personally does not want it to be that way.

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will most likely reprise their roles despite their busy schedules. Rumor has it that Joong Ki was already spotted doing a scene for Descendants of the Sun Season 2. But there were contrasting reports earlier stating that their love team might still be back to play the starring roles of Kang Mo-Yeon and Yoo Shi-Jin.

According to Jung Sung Ho, KBS will be working harder in order to meet expectations and repay viewers after the huge success of the series? first season.

However, as we obtain more Descendants Of The Sun 2 updates, it is alarming to note that issues on the expenses can prevent the restoration of the original set. It was cited that the Tourism Ministry and Taebaek City in Gangwon Province were having a problem over the budget. The city government of Taebaek has supposedly requested the ministry for 2 billion won ($1.71).

Aside from this issue, there could also be a chance that Joong Ki won?t be back to reprise his role as he recently admitted that he was sick of the public scrutiny and evasion of privacy.

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