Descendants Of The Sun 2 Not Happening: Train To Busan And Song Joong Ki?s Battleship Island Caused Cancellation?

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Descendants of the Sun cancelled due to Song Joong Ki?

Descendants of the Sun 2 rumors have been widely followed by fans of the hit wartime drama. There have been many reports about its alleged 2017 release date, plot details, and rumored cast.

However, a recent development claims that the sequel will not push through. The reason involves its lead star Song Joong Ki and his movie Battleship Island.

Farewell, Yoo Si Jin?

The 31-year-old has been busy ever since Descendants of the Sun ended last April. He starred in the KBS series as South Korean Special Forces captain Yoo Si Jin.

Joong Ki was paired with Song Hye Kyo, who played Dr. Kang Mo Yeon. Their love team became so popular worldwide and ultimately fueled hopes for a second installment.

Unfortunately for fans, rumors are rife that Descendants of the Sun 2 has been cancelled. Asia Times claims that its male protagonist is simply too swamped with work already.


Goodbye, Song Joong Ki?

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Another war-centric storyline

Joong Ki?s film Battleship Island is also based on war. Its military undertones can possibly make it too similar to his role in his last K-drama.

The movie is about brave Korean fighters who escape an island during the Japanese invasion. Many are expecting it to be a hit due to its all-star cast and acclaimed director Ryoo Seung Wan.

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Battleship Island: The next Train to Busan?

With the recent global success of Train to Busan, it is likely that entertainment execs also want to focus on making big Korean movies.

This could be a reason why Joong Ki?s team is focusing on Battleship Island.

Furthermore, the producers of Train to Busan are the same people behind the first season of Descendants of the Sun.

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Cast replacements too risky?

There have been rumors that the famous TV series will just cast new lead stars for the second installment. Among the rumored new main characters included Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won, who had a strong subplot in season one.

However, showrunners allegedly think that it will be too risky to proceed with the sequel without the ?Song-Song? love team.

There has been no confirmation about Descendants of the Sun season 2 amid the many rumors online. Fans are still advised to wait for announcements from KBS and the cast. TheBitBag will also be on the lookout for official updates.

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