‘Descendants of the Sun’ Season 2 Premiere Soon As KBS Confirmed Drama?s On The Works

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Popular Korean drama ?Descendants of the Sun? could be preparing for another exciting season. Fans were heartbroken after the last episode of the hit series aired back in April, but now they have something to look forward to as talks of Descendants of the Sun season 2 may already be on going.

Descendants of the Sun season 2 rumors started after the director of the KBS drama department Jeong Seongho hinted of continuing the amazing run of the show. According to KPopStarz, Seongho urged to continue the show?s success with another season.

?I want to thank all the viewers that watched the show and showed it so much. I would like to repay them by giving the show a second season,? he said.

?I?ve already reached out to KBS and hope to repay their support by creating another season of the show,? Seongho replied when he was asked about his interest in making another season. One of the head writers, Kim Wonsuk, said that they have a lot to live up to if they call it ?Season 2.? ?We?ll have to keep adjusting to see whether to make it focus on the army or choose a different theme.?

There is still no official details on for Descendants of the Sun season 2 release date but fans can expect a new project releasing in 2017 that will center around the story of the KBS series.

On the other hand, the popular drama series is reportedly getting a movie version. The cast of the movie haven?t been announced yet but Huace Film and TV, the production company that acquired the rights of producing the film is already in the process of choosing the actors and actresses.

Descendants of the Sun made a fantastic run with its amazing actors and intense scenes but it may be a bit too much for KBS to immediately give their fans a second season. So if fans want to expect a new season that will be even better, they may need to wait for a while.

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