Dereck Chisora Next Fight Starts with Table Thrown at Opponent Dillian Whyte During Press Conference

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Dereck Chisora
Dereck Chisora

Dereck Chisora got himself into a big table throwing mess during a chaotic press conference with Dillian Whyte and he now risks hefty fines. After some supposed heated words, Dereck Chisora wasn?t able to keep his cool anymore and decided to throw a table at Dillian Whyte during their press conference at Manchester.

Apparently, what had set Chisora off was Whyte?s supposed threats of taking his life. Chisora had said: ?Everything was great until he started threatening my life. He didn?t say it once, he said it a couple of times.?

Dereck Chisora: Out of The Ring

The problem arose when Dillian Whyte had been speaking with Dereck Chisora and had apparently verbally threatened him. Chisora didn?t take the taunting threats lightly and quickly starting talking back aggressively.

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He then quickly stood up, picked up his table threw the table towards Whyte on his right side. However, the table didn?t hit Whyte but landed on Sky boxing chief Adam Smith, matchroom promoter Hearn, and trainer Mark Tibbs. Instead of hitting Whyte, inexplicably ended up hitting three people you wouldn?t want to piss off in the industry.

The whole scene quickly took off with security quickly dispatching Chisora out of the room. Chisora still pumped up tried to push the security personnel back but was eventually pushed out of the room.

Things slowly died down when Chisora was removed but the situation could have gone worse. Several people from Chisora?s camp were just about ready to start small brawl in light of what just happened.

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Because of the whole incident, the British Boxing Board of Control is now meeting today to discuss Chisora?s fate. It is still unclear what sanctions will be implemented on Chisora but we could at least expect a hefty fine for the chaos he caused. The chance of the Saturday fight being cancelled is also possible.

Whyte?s Side

Apparently, the whole mess could have just been a big misunderstanding accord to Whyte?s side of the story. Whyte insists that he never threatened Chisora?s life and was actually giving a good gesture towards his opponent. But it appears Chisora took his words the wrong way.

Whyte said: ?I never threatened his life, I just said I?ll see him after the fight, I?ll see him in his changing room when I go to say thanks for the fight…Dereck is crazy, why would I threaten his life? I am a professional sportsman, I don?t need to threaten his life.?

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