Dell’s XPS 13 pitted against the MacBook Air Retina

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The XPS 13, dubbed the ‘MacBook Killer’. [Dell]

Monday?s ?Spring Forward? event wasn?t as surprising as anyone thought it would be, save for a few choice cuts.

One of those choice cuts was the Apple Watch, a technologically advanced watch which had a hefty pricetag attached to it. Aside from that, however, Apple unveiled a re-tooled MacBook Air, or one that was given a new packaging?this MacBook Air was one that tried to go against the PCs unveiled during the CES 2015, particularly the Dell XPS 13. Will it be able to go against the XPS 13, which looked like it would beat its predecessor?the MacBook Air?handily?

This is what we?re going to take a look at, courtesy of these articles from Tech Radar and Extreme Tech. Will we be able to see a changing of the guard in terms of which laptop will be a more effective tool in terms of battery life and performance? We also take a look at how the Dell XPS 13 touchscreen-variant would do if it was pitted against the offering from Apple?in terms of the price tag of the thing.

Apple?s MacBook going against the XPS 13

The MacBook is facing off this early against a veteran in the battle for top laptop.

The Dell XPS 13 has been hailed as a ?MacBook Killer? and was pitted against the earlier version of the MacBook, the MacBook Air. As per Tech Radar, this 12?, Retina-displaying variant seems like it won?t be able to hold a candle against the full-HD display of the XPS 13, nor will it be able to go against the touch-screen variant, as it has no variants of its own.

Battery life notwithstanding, the Dell XPS 13 appears to be the beefier of the two laptops. Initial tests, as per Tech Radar, have the XPS 13 winning barely?that?s for the standard laptop. The QHD+ understandably lasts only around 7 hours and 40 minutes.

The Dell XPS 13 Touchscreen at a budget price

Let?s take a look at the Dell XPS 13 touchscreen variant first before anything else.

Made with aluminum, carbon fiber composite, and Gorilla Glass as per Extreme Tech, the XPS 13 is a work of art. It?s got a lightweight frame that?s also as strong, and has managed to pack an Intel Core i5-5200 CPU,8GB of DDR3L-RS RAM, and a 128GB SSD altogether, in addition to other components, as per Extreme Tech. If you think that it?s impressive, you?re probably right, and the price is as well.

While it normally costs around $1300, the Dell XPS 13 touchscreen variant managed to sell at around $1149.99. That?s a saving of around $150 or so.

The XPS 13?s Year

From the looks of it, Dell rightfully claimed 2015 as the year of their XPS 13 as well as the year of their laptops. Will there be any more surprises from Dell moving on forward? Perhaps they?ve still got something up their sleeves. Whatever the case, Dell managed to surprise everyone with the brilliance of the XPS 13.


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