Dell XPS 13: The Perfect Laptop of this Generation?

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The Dell XPS 13 is one of the most impressive laptops to have come out of the CES 2015.

With the thin design and the excellent distribution of size and usability, the Dell XPS 13 became a pretty impressive laptop to look at during the said event. A lot of people noted its ability to be able to give more at?less power consumption. A very specific quality?is the crisp and clear image that it produced despite the small size of its battery.

Well, here are some articles of interest that we are going to take a look at. According to?the Straits Times, is this laptop the most impressive laptop to have come out of the CES 2015? Also, we take a look at this PC World article for more information about Dell?s XPS 13, and things which we may have overlooked or missed with the laptop.

The XPS 13?Is it Really that Perfect?

The XPS 13 has a super-thin size, a nice battery life, and a crisp display. Having said that, let?s take a look at the Dell XPS 13 the way this Straits Times article sees it.

The XPS 13 delivers on every little thing that it was known for?the battery life impresses for delivering as long as it can (6 ? hours) even as the display is running at full capacity. The same can be said for its Core i7 chip, a more powerful option over the Core M chip which seems to be the choice for? lots of laptops during this generation, as per the Straits Times.

Does this mean that this, coupled with the premium design, truly crowns the XPS 13 as the laptop to beat? Perhaps, though undoubtedly, there will be something lacking in this laptop, and those are explained next.

XPS 13?the Pros and Cons

PC World?s review sums up the strengths and weaknesses of the Dell XPS 13.

As per the article, there are certain pros for the Dell XPS 13 in that it has a thin screen border?the so-called Infinity Display?which makes the display wider and clearer. That also helps to make the XPS 13 look classy and appealing. Over-all, the laptop truly deserved to be the darling of the crowd during the unveiling at the CES 2015.

That being said, the laptop does have some problems with the SSD?s slow writing speed as well as the battery life. However, expect the XPS 13 to be improved as more and more problems and successes is thrust into the limelight.

The XPS 13 at a Glance?again

The XPS 13 disappointed?in some departments, yet left many people still looking for something in other departments. That can be said of almost any other laptop, though the XPS 13 truly appears to have a bright future.

Is it the perfect laptop for this generation? While it can’t be called “‘perfect,” it is a defining device for the next generation of laptops. Any mobile PC that doesn’t take design pointers from the Dell XPS 13 is going to be left behind.


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