Dell XPS 13: New Challengers from Apple, Windows, and HP

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The Dell XPS 13 has been called many things since CES 2015.

From the design, one can gleam that it kind of sends a message to another product?the similarly-thin Apple MacBook Air. The Dell XPS 13, however, runs the Windows 8.1 OS as its main OS, and for that reason, has been said to be the representative of the MacBook Air in the side of Windows laptops. What are we to expect from the Dell XPS 13? There are a lot, actually, although the most lauded piece of tech included with the Dell XPS 13 is its battery, which can apparently power the laptop up to 12 hours.

Now, let?s take a look at some posts concerning the Dell XPS 13. This article from VC Post shows some challengers to Dell XPS 13?s throne?first off, the Windows Surface Pro 3. How will Microsoft react to a laptop which will eventually receive their Windows 10 upgrade? Another article we?re looking at comes from International Business Times Australia, and this time, the Dell XPS 13 is compared with HP?s Spectre x360, another product brave enough to label itself ?MacBook Killer?.

The XPS 13 against the Surface Pro

The comparison the VC Post article presented was actually between Apple?s own MacBook Air with the Retina display, the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft, and the Dell XPS 13.

Each has its own pros and con. The MacBook Air with the Retina display will of course be a big hit among fans of the company. It has improved its display, as well as an upgraded core where the fan is no necessity. The USB port, meanwhile, could use some help. The Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft can function as both a laptop and a tablet, although it still runs on Intel Core?s Haswell, as per the VC Post article. The Dell XPS 13, meanwhile, managed to snag ?best laptop for 2015? despite having problems with the battery.

How will things turn out to be? The Dell XPS 13 appears to be facing stiff competition from Apple and Microsoft, although it has since proven its worth. Let?s take a look at another competitor.

The XPS 13 against the new ?MacBook Killer?

While the title ?MacBook Killer? can be passed around, it?s questionable that many will be able to just go for that lofty assumption.

Take the HP Spectre x360, for starters. The laptop from HP weighs in at around 3.3 pounds and is 15.9,, thick. It?s got an Intel Core i5 or i7 powering it, and it?s also got a Quad HD resolution. The other specs?a choice between a 4GB or 8GB RAM?and SSD storage of either 128GB or 512GB, as per IB Times Australia, is enough to make the HP Spectre x360 a nice laptop.

Will it be enough to challenge the XPS 13, let alone the MacBook Air with the Retina screen? It?s going to be an exciting year for laptops, with the choices available.

Dell?s XPS 13 to lose throne?

Perhaps, the days are numbered for the XPS 13 and its place on the throne. However, there are still a lot of months left, and perhaps there will be other laptops, other gadgets, that might pop-up between now and December 2015. However, the Dell XPS 13 appears to be unhindered in its lofty perch, despite the existence of these competitors.


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