Dell XPS 13 Issues and Problems: Is the Laptop Worth Buying?

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The XPS13, power and class within your fingertips.

The 2015 version of the Dell XPS 13?s only major issue, according to a report from, is that it is unable to run the vaunted Apple OS/X. Had this machine been compatible with that operating system, then it would be the best one ever in the market.

All the other features of the latest offering from Dell is a marvel to many.? These include it?s end to end screen in both its 13.3 inches version and 11 inch version. Its central processing unit still uses Intel?s very own, with 4GB of RAM running on 128GB solid state driver. While it runs on just the i5, the set up is a smooth system that can provide optimum performance even in high stress use, such as medication.

The screen itself is an engineering coup de grace, through the elimination of the bezel edging allows a larger screen on a smaller model. The byline of the manufacturer is the XPS13 is the world?s smallest 13 inch laptop. The screen has a 3200 by 1800 resolution display which provides greater illumination as well as clearer images even when using the laptop in the sunlight.

The overall design is sleek and sexy, utilizing machined aluminum and carbon fiber casing. The keyboard and track pad are the best yet designed and unveiled by Dell.? The XPS 13 has a short power up system allowing it to run from sleep to boot desktop in just 10 seconds. Another major sticking point is battery life, which is soundly addressed through the new battery system in place.? The laptop can run independently, without being connected to a wall socket) at 5.5 hours using 50% power requirements before running out.

Now this begs the question, is the Dell XPS 13 worth buying? Yes. It is a more cost efficient investment in terms of design and performance over the nearest rival in the market.? Surely, despite the minor issues involved with the use of the laptop, its features weigh far more than any perceived or actual shortcoming for the individual user in the long run. Unless somewhere down the future, the two major tech companies of the United States forge an agreement to create the handiest super computer of all time.

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