Dell XPS 13: Hailed as the ‘MacBook Air’ of the Windows laptops

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Dell?s XPS 13 was the toast of the people who went to the CES 2015.

While it?s not by any means a perfect laptop, it still managed to impress at the CES 2015. The people wanted to see what the deal was with this laptop, and initial reviews said that the XPS 13 was the best of the Windows laptops that were available at the CES 2015, or at least, one of the best. That?s enough to say that the Dell XPS 13 was impressive, and everyone liked what they saw.

These two articles are just some written that are brimming with confidence over the Dell XPS 13?s performance and over-all issues. We take a look from PC World?s article about the Dell XPS 13 and what it means to have a laptop that?s akin to the MacBook Air in performance. Also, we take a look at this article coming from Inquisitr. This article bravely proclaims the Dell XPS 13 as the laptop that represents the MacBook Air among Windows 7 laptops.

MacBook Air Killer?

The Dell XPS 13 is a killer?a MacBook Air Killer.

The PC World article appears too gratuitous to be dubbing the XPS 13 as MacBook?s direct competitor, but perhaps it is. With all the specs that have since been discussed in various laptop rating websites, people are finally hailing the Dell XPS 13 as a dangerous competitor for the throne of thin laptops. With size cooperating fully with the strength of a fully-featured laptop, the Dell XPS 13 makes a strong push for what PC World is claiming it is.

That being said, there are both flaws for the MacBook Air and the Dell XPS 13. Perhaps, when it comes down to it, the true winner in the face-off will be the laptop who manages to have more positives rather than the glaring flaws.

XPS 13?s Reputation as a MacBook Air Stand-in

Dell?s XPS 13 might be a shoo-in? to be MacBook?s Windows counterpart.

It managed to fit the screen in seamlessly, despite the fact that when using the camera, the person in the camera is blocked by his or her typing hand, as per Inquisitr. However, that?s not a problem, as the screen, if viewed properly, will be a joy to look at. Apple is not taking things lying down, however. Apple is coming up with a new MacBook Air, one that is sure to top the XPS 13 without blinking. However, that MacBook Air to be too out of reach of people?s budgets, the XPS 13 will still be a good choice.

Only time will tell how long the Dell XPS 13 will be able to live up to its hype. When the flaws start becoming more noticeable, it?ll be interesting to see if the XPS 13 is still the main word on every Windows laptop user?s lips.

The XPS 13

The XPS 13, at a glance, will probably be a pretty nice alternative to the MacBook Air. That being said, however, the choice is still completely up to you. If you want to have all the security that comes along with a laptop, then by all means, the iOS-controlled MacBook Air is for you. The Dell XPS 13 is perfect for you if you don?t mind using Windows at all.


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