Dell XPS 13: Going up Against the Asus ZenBook

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The Dell XPS 13 has been breaking hearts and taking names since it came out.

The Dell XPS 13 was first seen at the Consumer Electronics Show this 2015. This laptop was a pleasant surprise to people who were looking for a Windows laptop to buy aside from Apple?s MacBook Air, then considered top of the line among laptops. The sleek design, ultra-crisp display, and everything else conspired to make the Dell XPS 13 a laptop so good it was even labeled? ?MacBook Killer? by some magazines and news about it.

What this makes the Dell XPS 13 is a target. A pretty target, if the article from Computer World is to be believed. Here, then, is an article which pits the XPS 13 against the Asus ZenBook UX 205. Will it be able to wrest the throne from the XPS 13? Also, we take a look at the future of laptops, as per Digital Trends. If they were to write that chapter, the trend among laptops seems to be that the more clear the image, the better.

Versus the Asus ZenBook UX 205

The Asus ZenBook UX 2015 packs a real whallop, but was it enough to topple the XPS 13?

The Asus ZenBook, as per Computer World, comes at 12.7 x 8.8 x 0.6 in with a Core M processor. It also has a standard 8GB RAM compared to the XPS 13?s variable 4GB memory, and a storage of 256GB SSD compared to the standard 128GB drive that?s also variable. However, it does labor to rival the size and battery life of the XPS 13, which is the thinnest of this generation of Windows laptops and also the longest running, as per Computer World, depending on how you use it.

In the end, it turns out that the XPS 13 is still the laptop to beat. It?s size and battery life are unparalleled, and there are still a lot that its competitors have to do to beat it. It looks like the Dell XPS 13 is safe in its position?for now.

Clear and Crisp HD Goodness

That?s the future of laptops, as per the Digital Trends article.

The trend appears to be headed toward trimming them down to become as thin as possible, and today?s technology appears to afford that. Quantum Dot and transreflective screens came out at the right time, and enabled laptops to display awesome HD graphics at half or a quarter of the power, as per Digital Trends. If this is what laptops is headed to, perhaps people should pay attention after all.

That laptops are going to be thin and use these screens makes their comeback all the more successful against tech such as smartphones. Is it safe to say that they?re back in business? Perhaps, but with the technology of the future geared toward all gadgets, who knows?

King of the Windows laptops

The title appears to be sitting with the XPS 13 right now, what with its brilliance and innovations shining through the competition. As thin as it is, it?s the MacBook Air?s Windows counterpart. It also appears that somewhere down the line, people will look at this generation as the precursor to thinner, more weight and energy-efficient laptops.


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