Dell XPS 13 Gaming Variant: The Future is Thin

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There had been gaming laptops in this year?s CES 2015, and the Alienware 17 ?laptop impressed.

However, Alienware?s mother company, Dell, also managed to release a laptop that is included in the discussion among the best laptops that the CES 2015 produced. This is the Dell XPS 13, a laptop so thin you?d think it was the copycat of another laptop, the MacBook Air. It can?t escape the comparisons, especially since it?s thin, it is also as compact as the MacBook Air is, and its features have it as the top laptop for Windows in the CES 2015, sans all its flaws.

The part where it gets interesting is right here. We take a look at some performance benchmarks from Laptop Mag, and we get the idea that perhaps Dell took some pointers from its Alienware laptop and placed those into the XPS 13. We also take a look at this Verge article which could very well be a view of things to come?that the Dell XPS 13 might be the first of a generation of laptops that are getting thinner and thinner.

The Dell XPS 13 Compared

With all that?s been written about the XPS 13, this time we?re focusing on the benchmark performance.

As per Laptop Mag, the XPS 13 has a price tag of $899?that?s for the variant that has a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5-processor and 4GB of RAM. Like what Laptop Mag says, the touch version has a slightly powerful 8-GB RAM, making it good for gaming. Other laptops in its line which may or may not carry Core i5s exist?the EliteBook, the Lenovo Yoga 3, and the MacBook Air.

As per the ratings system on Laptop Mag, however, the XPS 13 tops up at around 5,530. In spite of flaws?one of which is the battery, so users say?the Dell XPS 13 still manages to make it through as one of the top laptops of this generation.

XPS 13?Herald of the Future?

Dell?s XPS 13 appears to be making a case for thinner laptops.

While it?s not certainly the first thin laptop to have ever emerged from the woodwork?the MacBook Air holds that distinction, presumably?it?s another laptop that shows thinner is better, or that laptops in the future will become really lightweight. There?s no doubt that the XPS 13 could use some help in other areas, however, is the laptop a portent of things to come?

We never really know. However, as it appears, laptops will become inevitably thinner and more classy, depending on how people will be able to fit all of the features of larger, beefier laptops into a smaller frame.

Classy Laptops are the Future

As it appears, we are beginning to see a glimpse of the future which movies bring to us. Laptops are beginning to be thin, like the Dell XPS 13 or the MacBook Air. How long will it be before we begin to see what Tony Stark uses in his garage or what other movies have used as a sign of things to come?


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