The Dell XPS 13 as an Editing Tool: Does it Work?

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Dell?s XPS 13 started the year out pretty well.

The laptop was a sensation during the CES 2015, where it was pitted against others and emerged as the top laptop of the show. How could it not be? It?s got everything that the MacBook had?a thin appearance, a nice screen, and an even powerful core. It is fit enough to become one of the top choices for laptops among Windows offerings this year. It is even well-built enough to be hailed as the little laptop that could?the ?MacBook Killer?, so to speak.

We take a look at yet another review for the XPS 13 from PC Pro UK which cements its legacy as the rival of the MacBook Air. Never mind that the MacBook Air got an upgrade?from the looks of it, the Dell XPS 13 can still rally to beat the MacBook Air at its own game. Also, we take a look at this Ars Technica review of the Linux PC offering from Dell, a virtual ?modder?s laptop’ labors to beat the MacBook Air.

The Dell XPS 13 at another Glance

In yet another performance test, the Dell XPS 13 is taken a look at, technical wise.

Some surprising factors for the Dell XPS 13, as per PC Pro UK, is its HD screen as well as its long battery life. The infinity display, as per PC Pro UK, isn?t something so wonderful?so is the battery life, which tops out at around barely 10 hours. However, overall, the Dell XPS 13 is still one of the best laptops to have ever come out of the CES 2015.

Dell?s Linux PC?is it worth it?

Dell?s other offering, a branch off its XPS series, appears to be headed in another direction.

According to Ars Technica, the Dell Linux edition is a PC built for programmers. It wasn?t built for convenience and lacks the wow factor of the Dell XPS 13, but if you?re looking for a Linux PC, you won?t have to look any further. It?s got less of an impressive specs than that of the XPS 13. For starters, the Intel card isn?t as powerful as the XPS 13??but overall, it?s one heck of a Linux PC to use, if you?re looking to program something.

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