Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition: Bringing the Pain in a Variety of Flavors

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Dell must have heard the clamor of people for more of its award-winning Dell XPS 13. The laptop, boasting of a thinner size and a clearer, HD-infused display, has gotten its developer edition. This is different from the M3800 Developer Edition which carries an Ubuntu, according to Ars Technica. Does this mean that the XPS 13 Developer Edition carries all of the thing we loved in the vanilla Dell XPS 13 model?

It looks like it is indeed of a different breed.

According to Tech Radar, this iteration of the Dell XPS 13 will also carry a Broadwell chip, the same as the normal Dell XPS 13. As with the other Developer versions, the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition will be carrying an Ubuntu OS. Let?s take a further look at the laptop and what it brings to the developer laptop table.

Loaded with Ubuntu and Something Else

This new developer PC from Dell is nothing to laugh at.

The Dell XPS 13 developer edition will be the same thing as the Dell XPS 13 everyone?s come to love at the CES 2015, according to Ars Technica. One of the most notable differences, though, is the OS. The Dell XPS 13 developer?s edition comes with Ubuntu 14.04, something that developers are familiar with when it comes to using PCs for creating programs.

It?s immediately available in North America and Europe, but aside from the standard configuration, developers or potential buyers will be able to choose from a wide variety of possible configurations. Perhaps, it?s being done to test the availability of the programs on different platforms?

The Same Sleek Design

This machine is by no means a slightly-watered down version of the XPS 13. The Dell XPS 13 developer?s edition will also be carrying an Intel Core i5 Broadwell processor, as well as 8GB of RAM and standard 128GB SSD. The chip and the SSD can be bumped up to Intel Core i7 and 512GB, respectively.

8GB of RAM means that the Dell XPS 13 is purposely made powerful for heavier developing tasks. Whether it?s for game development or program and app development, it seems that Dell?s XPS 13 Developer Edition is ready for it. Look for it to be significantly cheaper, as it starts to sell at $799.

What to expect from the Sleek Monster

If you?re a fan of flashy designs?even if it?s just a developer?s laptop?you?re better off with the Dell XPS 13. With the sleek design, it would be a cinch to carry it around. Aside from that, the powerful options can enable you to test out and develop a wide variety of programs in it, making work that much easier and the programs more efficient.


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