Dell XPS 13: A Cheaper Alternative to MacBook Air?

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So the Dell XPS 13 has indeed arrived.

A lot has been written about this little laptop. There are those who laud the technical aspects of the XPS 13?the crisp images that it delivers, the packaging (as thin as a MacBook Air) and all of these bundled together make the XPS 13 a surprise package. Indeed, it amazed people so much that it managed to become one of the best laptops to have ever come out of the CES 2015, aside from other laptops from companies like Dell property Alienware and Samsung.

Let’s inspect?the Dell XPS 13 more closely, with the help of?Liliputing, and this time, let’s see where it lags behind. Nothing is perfect, and that also includes the XPS 13, perhaps. Digital Trends?also talked about the Dell XPS 13?s OS. We all know that a substantial part of the price the XPS 13 has is due to the OS that comes with it. However, if you?re looking for a cheaper price range, be ready to consider other options.

The Dell XPS 13: Faultless?

The Dell XPS 13 is by no means a faultless laptop.

Most reviews would cite the really long battery life or the relatively compact size of the laptop. However, as per Liliputing, allow yourself a little skepticism. The XPS 13?s battery life is long, no doubt about that. But apparently, it doesn’t last long as the advertisements claim?on the contrary, Liliputing noted that it is remarkably long for a laptop of its size, although it?s just about normal. There is a problem with the camera too, the report added. Also consider the touchscreen version of the XPS 13, which will cost you an additional $500, as per Liliputing.

While it?s not the laptop Dell promised us, it?s still a laptop which Dell designed to be the top of its class, and barring these lacking features, it still is.

Consider Linux

There?s no wonder that, with the small size and all the trapping of the new Dell laptop, it?s bound to have quite the price tag.

However, consider for a moment that you can do better with the price tag. As per Digital Trends, there is a way to get that price to go down, and that is to go the way of Linux. That?s more of pleasing the fans of the OS, which has garnered quite the popularity because of its openness. The Ubuntu-carrying version of the laptop is more affordable than that of the Windows version, and understandably so. The Ubuntu OS will come in both the XPS 13 and the M3800 Developer Edition.

While the M3800 does demand a hefty price for the OS–$1533.50, to be exact?a price of $101.50 shaved from the price tag goes a long way in saving a lot of money.

Making the XPS 13 Perfect

Such a thing isn?t possible, but if ever the Dell XPS 13 aims to one-up its current version, it might want to pay attention to the obvious problems. Moving the camera to another place and offering a more affordable touchscreen version might tip it over to the win column, if it isn?t there just yet.


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