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Laptops are a huge part of a traveling person?s life.

Sure, you may call smartphones on this, but a laptop can do so many other things which a smartphone couldn?t. Typing a document on a smartphone can be a really taxing prospect?so is creating a Photoshop file on it. Surfing the Internet and reading e-mails are fine, that is, if you?ve got the eyesight of a youngster. However, there are tablets too. But the point in this Wall Street Journal article is that laptops can now be brought along and used full on for two days, thanks to this new battery technology.

Dell is one of the manufacturers who benefit from having this technology available to them. Another news that Dell has is that they?re making quite the noise in the tablet scene?as per Asia One, Dell is joining the tablet race by fielding in their own. The Venue 8 7000, their own version of the tablet, is one of those which was seen at the last CES 2015. How did it fare? Let?s take a look at it.

A Long-lived Battery for the Laptops, too

There are quite a lot of laptops these days that runs on a single, 22-hour charge, compared to the past when laptops usually needed quite a lot of plugging in. As per Wall Street Journal, the laptops which had the new and improved battery were ones coming from Acer, Dell, and Lenovo. As much as they are nice to look at, though, it?s Lenovo and Dell which dominated the Wall Street article.

The Lenove ThinkPad X250 came with an extra-large battery which afforded it to store energy for up to 22 hours, at best. However, it was Dell?s XPS 13 that impressed, based on the sole reason that it managed to take a usage load of around 12 +18.5 hours. All of that, despite?as per Wall Street?a compact size of 2.6-pounds.

With the wonders that battery technology has become these days, it might not be a long time before we get a laptop with a battery that lasts for weeks. It?s an important facet of laptops, especially since today?s age values mobility that much more.

Meet the Venue 8 7000

Dell?s Venue 8 7000 packs a lot of punch for something so small.

One of the most notable features of it is that it?s taken the title of ?World?s Thinnest Tablet?, as per Asia One. However, that?s not all there is. The RealSense 3D Camera is about as HD as you can get without spoiling your selfie, perhaps, or if you?re a budding gadget photographer (one that prefers gadget cameras over DSLRs). Also, there?s the hardware of the tablet.

It will be run by an Intel 2.3 GHz Atom quad-core processor, and will carry 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. That should be enough for this tablet to be able to go toe to toe with the best out there, including Samsung and Apple?s offerings.

Future Tech

The future seems more energy efficient.

Dell?s offerings benefit from advents in battery and tablet technologies. It?s also a wonder how Dell managed to pack the features of the RealSense 3D into a thin tablet. It?s a nice feature, but certainly mind-boggling. Dell?s laptop is nothing to laugh at, too. With all these developments, Dell seems poised to go ahead and surge forward.


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