Dell Canvas: A Cheaper Option To Microsoft’s Surface Studio

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Dell Canvas Release Date Price
Dell Canvas vs Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio was one of the interesting takes on PC. In the same vein, Dell unveiled the Dell Canvas at CES 2017–a 27-inch touchscreen aimed at digital artists, video editors and other creative types.

Though looking exactly like the Surface Studio, Dell Canvas is quite different. The Canvas is simply a large and highly specialized display, but unlike the Studio it is not an all-in-one PC. The device connects to a PC, instead of replacing it.

The huge 27-inch screen is designed to lie flat on a desk and can easily be adjusted at an angle. The Canvas can rise to a maximum of 11 degrees. An optional $399 stand will come in order to raise the angle up to 85 degrees to make it work like a regular monitor.

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Dell Canvas Features

The Canvas has pretty respectable specifications. The 27-inch screen has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 or Quad HD. It is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass and is etched with an anti-reflective coating. Another striking feature is the relatively thick bezels surrounding the screen which Dell says artists prefer. The screen can take a lot of damage and one wouldn’t have problem viewing it even with the glare of lights.

The Canvas has support for a stylus, including a handy magnetic dock. It supports up to 20 points of touch and and the digital pen has 2,048 points of pressure. Just like the Surface Studio, Canvas comes with puck-like controllers that work the same way.

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Dell’s peripheral is called Totem as opposed to Microsoft’s Dial. And unlike the Surface Studio, the dial accessory is included in the box. In fact, it comes with two sizes: a large one and a small one.

The Canvas also comes with custom software that allows apps to be pinned to different edges of the display. Though a small feature, it is quite useful in helping people manage their apps on such a large touchscreen. Dell is also working with several software makers to make the most of the display, including Adobe, Autodesk, AVID, Dassault Systems and Solid Works.

Price and Availability

Dell says the Canvas 27 will cost $1,799 and is targeting a release in March. The Surface Studio comparatively starts at $3,000, but it’s a full PC instead of just a monitor and interface. The Canvas will be cheaper option for artists who will prefer to use their own PC or laptop.

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