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Snack on these delicious keto treats without the guilt

You can’t even tell they’re keto.

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If you love sweets but are on a keto diet, Nick's is here to the rescue!

  • Low-carb, high-protein keto snack bars for on-the-go individuals
  • Keto-friendly ice cream sandwiches
  • 16 flavors of keto-friendly ice cream pints

Are you on a keto diet? Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to food that you don’t really enjoy. If you love sweets, there’s no need to indulge in sugar-filled treats every time you get a craving. You simply need to find treats that will give you the same sugar high without breaking your diet. Fortunately, we know where to find them – at Nick’s.

What we love about Nick’s is that they know exactly how we feel. The man behind the brand, Nick Luthman, was actually diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. Since he had to change to a keto diet (long before people started jumping on the trend, by the way), Nick sought out to learn more about nutrition.

He then used his newfound food-engineering skills to create delicious treats that are healthy and satisfy his cravings at the same time. He created Nick’s in 2014 to share this knowledge and all of this deliciousness with the general public. Nick’s desserts serve as great replacements for your usual sweet treats so you can satisfy your dessert cravings sans the guilt and still result in a happy tummy.

Keto Snack Bars

For a low-carb and high-protein snack, Nick’s Keto Snack Bars are a perfect choice. Get a box of 12, each bar of which contains 14g of protein, 4g of carbs, and zero added sugar. They’re nutritious, easy to bring and eat wherever you go, and taste like a candy bar. Available in Karamell Choklad, Krispi Nougat, and Choklad Peanot

Vanilla Cookie Krams

If ice cream sandwiches are your ultimate guilty pleasure, Nick’s Vanilla Cookie Krams are here to save the day. Although they might taste like your regular ice cream sandwich (they even have the same chewiness, creaminess, and gooeyness!); this keto-friendly version is healthier. It contains 8g of protein, 9g of carbs, and zero added sugar so you can have them for dessert any time you’re craving it. Available in Cookies & Kram and Vanij.

Light Ice Cream

Need a cold pick-me-up? No matter what your favorite ice cream flavor might be, Nick’s Light Cream probably has it in its arsenal. With 16 different flavors to choose from, you are sure to find a pint that you will choose to make a part of your regular grocery list. Each keto-friendly pint consists of only 220 calories and has 5g of carbs and zero added sugar. Time to get some happy hormones without feeling bad about it!

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