Dej Loaf Denies Real Sexuality? Ex-GF Spills The Beans?

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Rapper Dej Loaf and her ex-girlfriend Angeleah Speights, also known as Aye Redd, was the subject of social media when the former couple had an argument over the rappers current relationship with Lil? Durk, according to Bossip.

?They?re not together,? Redd said. ?They don?t f— around at all. I think they?re trying to make it seem like they?re together. I don?t know what it is but it?s fake.?

?I guess the new thing now is to fake it until you make it,? Redd shared on Twitter. ?Fake what you got. Fake who you [are] in love with. Fake your character. Fake your pride. Fake what you believe in because of what others might perceive you as,? she said previously.

Redd then added that she wasn?t purposely causing a big stir with the message she posted earlier this week. She also added how the post wasn?t meant for the rapper but for someone else.

?If I want to say something to Dej I can say it to her face because I have access to her,? Redd explained in an interview with Bossip. ?I don?t have to go through Instagram and she hates that type of sh*t anyway so I wouldn?t do that, knowing she was going to get mad, but I didn?t think she would take it like that until next thing I know I?m on a blog site.

?We don?t follow each other on Instagram, just Snapchat. She called me and she was like, ?See? This is what I?m talking about; everything is all over the place. Congratulations.? When you?re the one that posted something??

?If I post something people don?t say nothing,? Redd said. ?If she posts something they?re going to feed into it. My post today she posted something right after me that made everybody thinks ?oh they?re talking about each other, they?re throwing shade.? I was just with her last night. It was cool. It was just like obviously you got mad at my post so you just want to counteract what I said.?

Design & Trend indicated that Durk and Dej still ?act like a couple? and that they?re still dating. Durk even posted on social media saying how he and Dej Loaf could be the next talked about rap couple. ?They say we an item,? he posted. ?Next big hip-hop couple.?

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