DeGrassi The Next Generation: Who are Back, When?s the Reunion Happening?

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The original cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation is making a comeback on Netflix for the ultimate #DegrassiReunion. For those who are wondering when the reunion is happening, it?s going to be this July 22!

In celebration of Degrassi?s 500th episode, Netflix is airing a class reunion episode of Degrassi: Next Class, Seventeen reports. So, who are coming back in particular? Can we expect a complete cast?

A teaser for the reunion was recently released and featured The Next Generation alums including Paige (Lauren Collins), Spinner (Shane Kippel), Marco (Adamo Ruggiero) and Emma (Miriam McDonald).

Obviously, all the cast members who appeared in the teaser will surely be present in the reunion episode. But what about the other cast members? Like Aubrey Graham, who is now more popularly known as the rapper, Drake. Back in the Degrassi days (and his acting days), he was known for his role as Jimmy Brooks, the school?s basketball star. He wound up on a wheelchair after getting shot by Rick (Ephraim Ellis) and later started his career as a rapper in the show and eventually in real life.

Many fans are eager to see even just a cameo of the rapper in the reunion episode, but it looks like we just have to wait until July 22 to find out whether he will make an appearance or not.


Aside from Drake, there are many other stars we hope to see in the reunion. Ashley Kerwin played by Melissa McIntyre, who was the popular girl turned goth, who eventually pursued a career in music. Darcy Edwards played by Shenae Grimes who was a cheerleader and whose life was turned around in Season 7. She also has a sister, Claire, who starred in later seasons.

And what about the nerdy but pretty cool Toby Isaacs (Jake Goldsbie), who dated Spinner?s little sister, Kendra (Katie Lai)? They bonded over anime and looked super cute together! It would be pretty awesome if they will join the reunion too.

We would also love to see Nina Dobrev, in her pre-Vampire Diaries role as teen mom, Mia Jones. And of course, the badass chick Ellie Nash played by Stacey Farber?we would love to see her again too!

Who would you want to see from the Degrassi: The Next Generation cast?

Catch the #DegrassiReunion on the 500th episode of Degrassi: Next Class this July 22 on Netflix.

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