Defiance MMO changes their strategy; Opens their doors as free to play starting June

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According to Trion Worlds, developer of Defiance, the science fiction MMO that launched last year is going the free to play route. The change will be effective beginning on June 4 for the PC and on July 15 for the PlayStation 3. For the Xbox, the plans are still pending.

Trion Worlds has mentioned that their plan all this time was to make the shift of having the Defiance game on a free to play model. This means that the early adopters of the game who paid $49.99 to play the game when it launched a year ago, may possibly get some special treatment after the change is launched. Some of these bonuses include a 30 day ?Paradise Patron? status, which includes a set of various boosts for their characters, as well as a discount in the game?s online store ?and 1000 in virtual currency to use at their discretion.

Trick Dempsey, the game?s creative director, mentioned that the biggest change will be seen in the level based progression that Defiance has implemented with its fifth title update. The same update that launched two weeks ago. Challenges and quests and the rewards that they previously offered were flat, and didn?t give players enough of an incentive to do. With the new scaling system, the play through will be such that previously low level missions will be more worth the time of a veteran player.

Defiance is mainly attributed to its large, cooperative battles and missions, where it groups players of all levels together. The appeal of the free to play benefit for existing players, is that it brings more comrades to the fight. New players will also be accommodated for these events by having their current level increased so that they can participate in a hard event and also provide their contributions to the general outcome.

?Anyone who has played the game in great depth has seen that the game is better when there are a lot of other people around,? Dempsey mentioned. ?This change provides everyone with lots of other people to play with in a massive co-operative experience.?

In this case, the more the merrier and it should prove for a good cooperative experience with a lot of people on board.

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