Defiance Game Will Continue to Thrive Even if the TV Show Ends

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The Defiance game was launched in 2013 and it carried with it the promise of a cross-media franchise where TV and game would seemingly be very much intertwined. It was the first of its kind. The game was introduced together with a show on the NBC-owned channel Syfy. The promise was that the things that happened in the game would impact the show and vice versa.

Over a year has passed since then and Defiance is currently in its second season for the TV show. The show has some solid ratings as well as critical reactions so a third season renewal is very likely. The Syfy channel though, isn?t very well known for long lasting shows and the question would be: What would happen to the game if the show comes to a conclusion or is canceled or ended?

Trick Dempsey, Defiance?s lead designer, was confident that the game would be able to survive should the show come to an end. He said: ?We were standing alone for nine months after the first season of the show ended.? He went on to add that their fans are really solid, stating: ?We do really have a stunning following.?Defiance?has its own legs and runs on its own really well.?

Although Dempsey is confident that the game can keep on going without the TV show, he, of course, still wants the show to keep on going. “I really like working with the guys at NBC,” he said. The mix of story line input and insight from the writers provide them with a lot of things that they never would have been able to come up with themselves. The interpersonal stories especially are hard for developers and this is where the partnership with NBC shines.

With regards to the TV show, Dempsey hinted that at the end of the show?s second season, there would be a lot of possibilities leaving the story line more open-ended and thus leaving the story with a lot of potential for a next season.

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