Deep Silver’s New Escape Dead Island To Come In PS3, PC, Xbox 360 This Autumn

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Deep Silver has announced the coming of the new survival-mystery game ? the Escape Dead Island ? to PS3 and other platforms.

?We?re pleased to announce that Escape Dead Island is coming to PS3, a whole new survival-mystery game with a fresh perspective on the Dead Island universe,? said Alexander Toplansky, Senior Narrative Producer of Deep Silver.

This new mystery game will play an important role and a crucial bridge between the event of Dead Island and Dead Island 2. Escape will reveal the origin of the virus and will also give clues on where the story would lead its player. This is a story-driven, single-player game where the player will assume the role of Cliff Calo who?s watching the world unravel.


Cliff Calo is a spoiled son of a powerful media mogul. He stole a yacht with his friends and on journey to film the documentary of the century – exposing the truth about the Banoi outbreak to the public. Calo and his friends? plan is to infiltrate the archipelago?s top-secret quarantined island of Narapela and document everything.

As a player, you?ll freely explore an all-new island, sneaking to avoid zombies who can hear and smell you.

Also, Cliff will experience struggles with his own sanity as the world around him becomes unpredictable. ?Time distorts and folds in on itself; strange messages appear and impossible events shatter reality. Oceans turn to blood, containers plummet from the clear sky? If Cliff had any thoughts about this being a routine documentary, he?d be ?dead? wrong.?


Escape Dead Island joins publisher Deep Silver’s growing Dead Island games, including Dead Island 2, which was actually announced at Sony’s E3 2014 press conference.

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So, are you ready for Escape Dead Island? Do you want to know the true origins of the virus? Do you want to know what actually this bizarre place is? Find out soon.

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