Deep Down Gamescom 2016: Capcom’s Dark Souls Dungeon Crawler To Appear This Week?

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Deep Down

Previously, Capcom renewed the rights to the ?Deep Down? trademark, which means the game may still be in development. Capcom is appearing at Gamescom 2016 to showcase some games. Will the company finally reveal their progress on Deep Down at the event?

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office site, Capcom has filed for the fifth extension of the ?Deep Down? trademark. This is their last extension for holding the trademark, and they will not be granted another chance if they fail to release the game. At worst, Capcom?s game might just become a vaporware which would mean Capcom just wasted money on renewing the trademark. However, Capcom still has plenty of chances to announce the game as there are still more big video gaming events like Gamescom 2016.

As seen on PS360HD?s video, the gameplay footage of at Tokyo Game Show 2013 featured dungeon crawling with artstyle similar to Dark Souls. While Capcom?s game also sports a medieval setting, the game doesn?t look as dark due to the game?s slightly high-tech hidden rooms and its interface. Due to these lighter features, the game looks like a less harsh Dark Souls game with slight hints of Capcom?s Monster Hunter features.

Currently, Capcom?s appearance at Gamescom 2016 mostly focuses on other games like Resident Evil 7 and Dead Rising 4 rather than Deep Down. Additionally, the game ?hasn?t even been headlined yet for Gamescom 2016 in the Capcom Germany news. Other than the trademark renewal, Capcom hasn?t provided significant updates about the game to get fans excited for its release.

Alternatively, the Tokyo Games Show 2016 next month could also be a good event for Capcom to announce their title. However, the official Capcom site for Tokyo Game Show 2016 does not include the game in the release title lineup.

Capcom can still announce the game this Gamescom 2016, unless they?re trying to surprise their audience with the game?s release. The game would need a smash hit gameplay though to make fans interested. Deep Down has missed too many large events and has fallen to extreme obscurity due to lack of constant updates from Capcom.

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