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Deep Down PS4 Release: Current State Of Capcom’s Dark Souls Game

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Deep Down

As Capcom announces a new Marvel vs Capcom entry, new Season for Street Fighter 5, and a focus on older titles, Deep Down still has no update from the company.

Back in 2013, Capcom teased about this Dark Souls-looking game but the company suddenly went dark about its development which left fans confused. Here?s what we know so far about the Deep Down PS4 release.

Deep Down Vaporware?

According to Khalifa Jayy?s thread on Neogaf, interested players discussed if Deep Down is officially a ?Vaporware? game from Capcom. Vaporware are announced games that never came out or were officially cancelled. Deep Down activity is limited to copyright renewals, but there are no gameplay or even development updates.

Copyright Renewals

So far, Capcom is only renewing their rights to the ?Deep Down? name but they haven?t released any announcements or teases about the game. As of recent events, Capcom only announced the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite fighting game, Street Fighter 5 Season 2 content, and their focus on older and unvisited IPs for a new game.

There was no mention of Deep Down and it isn?t exactly a game from an older series as well.

According to Siliconera, Capcom has already filed the fifth trademark extension for Deep Down. Capcom will really have to announce something about the game soon as they can?t extend the trademark after the fifth application, according to law. At best, Capcom may release Deep Down with another name, actually make it, or just completely forget about the title.

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Dark Souls-like Game

Back when Deep Down was still being showcased, the game had dungeon crawling and a unique battle system that allowed players to aim spear stabs. Player characters wore Knight outfits which reminded players of FromSoftware?s Dark Souls games. However, the areas didn?t seem to have dark imagery and architecture and just pitted players in dungeons for loot and fighting.

The game was intended to be played by four players which is heavily similar to Capcom?s Monster Hunter series when it comes to Multiplayer. If Capcom plans to release Deep Down as a Souls-like game, they may have to compete with Grasshopper Manufacture?s Let It Die and Team Ninja?s Nioh in the market.

We?ll have to wait for an indefinite amount of time to see if this game will still happen.

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