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Deckstorm: Deck Building Strives For Deep RPG Feel

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Now that we have a good idea on how Deckstorm?s gameplay works, let?s get to the real meat of any card game: deck building and the actual collecting of cards.

Deckstorm Deckbuilding?

deckstorm duels of the guardians

Evolve cards to upgrade their abilities.

Assembling a Deckstorm deck is very much like outfitting a party in an RPG game. When you enter the deckbuilding screen, you?re treated to a FIFA Ultimate team-style view of your guardians. You can assign one of the 15 cards to the party leader position. A card in this slot will impart specific global bonuses to the rest of your deck.

Upgrading and evolving cards is where all of the game?s different currency, resource, and experience systems converge to create a pretty addictive gameplay loop. After each match, your cards will earn experience points. Gain enough and they?ll level up, bumping up their base stats by a small increment. To boost their power further, you can equip special runes that give specific bonuses to a certain stat. Certain cards can also be evolved, improving their stats even more.?

Another way to specialize your deck ?is through spell point allocation. Remember the activatable abilities we mentioned in our previous story? More powerful cards can have abilities that take several phases to charge up. To speed up their charge time, you can pre-allocate up to 15 spell points in the deck building screen. For example, you can load up a 7 charge spell with 4 spell points, meaning you?ll only need to wait an additional three game phases until it can be used. You can use these points to quickly ?cheat out? a powerful spell early in the game, or you can spread them evenly among your deck for more consistent ability usage.

When you take all of these different customization options into account, you can quickly see how deep Deckstorm?s deck building system is. You can come up against a deck with an identical Guardian lineup to yours, but the way you upgrade and equip your cards and your choice of spell point allocation will ensure that the two decks will have entirely different play styles.

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