December Supermoon 2016: Date, Time, Schedule & Where To Watch

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The December supermoon will be seen on in this week. Here you have the complete details.

The moon will be approximately 30% brighter compared to usual brightness.?The supermoon will be seen in the sky on Tuesday December 13 night? to Wednesday December 14.

The brightness of the moon will be at its best at 12.05am GMT in the UK and 7.05pm EST in the US on Tuesday night.?Dr Daniel Brown, an astronomy expert at Nottingham Trent University has said that the supermoon will be seen in the sky just before the sunset and after the sunrise. ?It is always a joy to see the full moon, it will come out as soon as the sun sets. If you want to get meaningful images, then try observing it at moonrise and moonset,? Brown said, according to Express.? Moonset and moonrise are likely to happen at 6pm and 6am on December 13.

Where to Watch Supermoon and Geminids?

Alongside supermoon one more interesting thing will be seen on December 13 night. That will be Geminids. The moon will be near Gemini where meteors wil appear, according to Space.Com.? So, those meteors are called Geminids.?The International Meteor Organization (IMO) has mentioned that the Geminids are the one major shower that provides good activity prior to midnight as the?constellation of Gemini.

According to NASA, the best time to watch?Geminid Meteor shower is during the dark pre-dawn hours of December 14. Its better to find the open sky because Geminid meteors come across the sky from many all directions.?The ?Geminids first spotted in the early 19th century before the U.S. Civil War.

?Lie on the ground and look straight up into the dark sky. Again, it is important to be far away from artificial lights. Remember, your eyes can take up to thirty minutes to adjust to the darkness, so allow plenty of time for your eyes to adjust,? Nasa?s official post reads.

Astronomer Bill Cooke from the Meteoroid Environment Office at NASA?s Marshall Space Flight Center will take questions Geminid meteor shower via a live tweet chat on December 13. All those who have questions can use the #askNASA or @NASA_Marshall.

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