Deathstroke is the Next Main Villain in the Upcoming Batman Movie?

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Ben Affleck, our newest actor to don the batman movie cowl, has recently dropped a huge movie tease for DC movie universe fans everywhere. Affleck had suddenly released a video footage of Deathstroke! Affleck shared the surprising video from the set of Justice League.

Fans were sent into hysteria with the sudden appearance of the iconic DC villain. But this new revelation bring more questions than answers. Who?s playing Deathstroke? Where does he fit in the movie? Is he really going to be in the Justice League movie?

Not in Justice League?

Some fans didn?t quickly agree with the idea of Deathstroke showing up on the upcoming Justice League movie. Some believe that the video is a test footage for the standalone Batman movie. This would actually help explain why Affleck was the one to leak this video and not Henry Cavill.


Deathstroke Up Close

Deathstroke is an iconic DC assassin who made his debut on the new teen titans. The character?has a strong fan following. He was ranked by IGN to be the 32nd greatest comic book villain of all time. Deathstroke?s real name is Slade Wilson and has been dubbed to be the greatest assassin in the DC universe.

Although Deathstroke is more commonly found in the story arcs of the new teen titans, he has bumped into Batman multiple times in the comics. Batman first crossed paths with Deathstroke in old 1991 DC comic. Deathstroke actually draws Batman?s blood when he beats him in a fight.

The Batman Movie

The Wrap is reporting that Deathstroke will actually be the main bad guy in the standalone Batman movie. The Wrap says that they have insider intel to confirm this. It?s not a long shot though. Deathstroke is a worthy adversary for the Batman. Stay tuned in with us to get the latest news and updates on this story!

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