Deathstroke DC: Ben Affleck Teases New Batman Villain, Who May Appear In Justice League

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Ben Affleck recently posted a video of villain Deathstroke on his Twitter account. This resulted in fans speculating where the character will appear. Recently, a report revealed that the assassin will take part in the next Batman movie as the major antagonist.

The short clip that Affleck posted on Monday showed Deathstroke walking toward the camera. Rumors then circulated that the villain will be appearing in Justice League. However, The Wrap shared that the assassin would actually play a major role in the next Batman stand-alone film.

The news portal revealed that according to a source, who is in the know, the villain will be the main antagonist in the next Batman movie. It is not yet known when the film will start production, but it is already one of the most anticipated movies.

Speaking of the Batman movie, Affleck is going to direct it. But, other characters in the movie have yet to be revealed. There are also speculations that Deathstroke will have a cameo first in Justice League before going up against the Dark Knight.

Deathstroke has previously been rumored to be included in the DC TV series Arrow. But, creator Marc Guggenheim shared that the character is ?currently tied up in another DC project.? It seems clear now what that project is.

Meanwhile, for those who are not familiar with Deathstroke, he is a mercenary assassin created in 1980. The character was made by Marv Wolfman and George Perez and made his debut in The New Teen Titans 2. He was even included in the top 40 greatest comic book villain of all time.

These details about the villain will give us the idea how epic it would be to see him go up against the Dark Knight. For now, let us just wait for further details about the Batman movie.

How about you? Do you think Deathstroke is a good match for Batman? Will he surpass the hype created by the battle between the Dark Knight and Superman? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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