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Emma Stone And Stefanie Joosten In Death Stranding? New Rumors Point To Possible E3 Reveal

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A female lead is essentially confirmed. [Image from Amazon]

As fans hope for a Death Stranding appearance in E3, it looks like the game will have two female protagonists. Stefanie Joosten seems very likely, since she’s worked with Kojima before and gave vague non-answers about being in the game. The other one seems to be Emma Stone, who many had assumed some time ago, despite some possible rumor killers.

YouTube personality YongYea brought up the recent photos Hideo Kojima shared on Twitter, and how they tease two different actresses. He also brought up how Kojima has used clothes to tease appearances before, like the hoodie Mads Mikkelsen wore before. It is a fairly interesting theory and one fans might want to see come to fruition in this year’s E3.

Emma Stone Again?

On the days the Twitter photos of Death Stranding were taken, Stefanie Joosten was in China hosting the Game Cores event. Add the photo of someone’s legs that don’t belong to Kojima and we might have to confirm a second actress. There are also a number of clothes and sweaters shown, one of which could belong to Oscar winner Emma Stone.

Admittedly, that’s a bit far-fetched and the YouTube personality states that as well, so it could be a different actress. While Joosten has given vague comments about her status in the game, Stone hasn’t confirmed or denied any involvement yet. For all we know it could be a different actress, but it’s still possible to see the former Gwen Stacy.

E3 Reveal?

E3 is the biggest video game show every year, so expect to see Death Stranding appear in some capacity. Fans have a month to wait and see if a new actress will be appearing in the game or not. Stefanie Joosten seems likely, while a second Hollywood actress is also possible, though we will have to wait and see.

Few games have the hype surrounding it like Death Stranding, thanks to Hideo Kojima’s involvement after his breakup with Konami. Seeing the leading ladies for the game will be nice, but seeing actual gameplay would be a lot better. Gamers can only hope that the title lives up to the hype, since it doesn’t even have a release date.

Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive and will come out before the Tokyo Olympics and the Akira reboot. In the meantime, fans can check out Metal Gear Solid 5, which now has a complete edition with all the content.

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