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Death Stranding Trailer: WW2 And Sci-Fi Horror Theme Revealed At The Game Awards 2016?

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The Game Awards just released a new Death Stranding trailer and it has given the gaming community chills. Despite not having any new gameplay, it’s cryptic nature has got fans talking about the title. We also see some big stars like Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen, who was rumored to appear.

When the game’s first trailer came out, it was hard to pinpoint what the game will be about. Now that the second trailer has been released, there seems to be some World War 2-inspired moments. This is a Hideo Kojima game though, so there were some sci-fi elements added as well. While the game will be grounded, it won’t be too realistic.

World War Stranding

During the new Death Stranding trailer, there is a scene where Guillermo is hiding under a bridge from soldiers. The soldiers in particular look like they came from that era and the background’s gloominess fits the tone. Guillermo’s character model is wearing modern clothes though, so the game is either set in an alternate reality or has time travel.

Oddly enough, Norman Reedus is nowhere to be seen in the trailer. While he wasn’t there, the appearance of del Toro suggests that the old Silent Hills team is back. Though Reedus did not appear, babies are still a big part of the game. Guillermo is hiding one from Mikkelsen and his men, so they continue to be a part of Kojima’s theme.

Sci-Fine Looking

Despite the lack of gameplay, it’s hard not to get excited. The Death Stranding trailer has some of the best CGI seen in video game history. It was stated that the video was running on a PS4 Pro, showing the possibilities of the enhanced console. If it can look just as good as Metal Gear Solid 5, it will have done it’s job well.

Though the new video was nice, there is still no release date for Death Stranding. We will have to wait for Kojima’s game studio to make an official announcement regarding the PS4 title. Until then, fans can watch the trailer over and over to their heart’s content, as they try to find clues about the game.

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