Death Stranding Trailer Has Audio Cues From P.T.

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Death Stranding
Source: Death Stranding – Teaser Trailer – TGA 2016 – 4K video

Small hints of audio from Hideo Kojima’s P.T. has been recently found in the Tokyo Game Awards Death Standing trailer. P.T. audio cues in the trailer hints about Lisa, 204863, and other clues that can link the two games together. The findings are still far from translating Death Stranding’s bizarre visuals.

P.T Audio Cues In Death Stranding Trailer

According to MeshFul’s video, Death Stranding’s The Game Awards trailer seems to have some slightly altered P.T. audio cues in some parts of the clip. Lisa’s voice can be heard, albeit it’s only identifiable through her crying patterns rather than its voice quality. Additionally, a choppy voice saying “204863” is also heard in the video. Lastly, a male voice accompanied by radio static is also among the muddied voices in the video.

These voices in P.T. were the only clue for players to know their next objective in the demo. They’re unsettling to hear but does its job to scare its players. At best, these audio cues might be Kojima’s way of hinting P.T. elements in Death Stranding.

Who’s JJ?

Other than sounding ominous, the P.T. audio cues in the trailer actually hint the audience to pay attention to the visuals. The entrance to the tunnel that Guillermo Del Toro’s character passes through has an English letter J and Arabic letter J inscribed on it. Potentially, the two Js could be hinting about the American director J.J Abrams whom Kojima met on his game engine hunt around the world.

Death Stranding Alternate Reality Game?

Kojima has previously announced on his Twitter that the trailers have many clues hidden in them. He also urged the fans to rewatch the trailers several times to find and think about these clues. Potentially, these P.T. audio cues are some of these hidden clues in the trailers. The trailers are extremely bizarre and the audience can barely digest these visuals to even guess the Death Stranding gameplay from it. Potentially, Kojima Productions might be drumming up some sort of Alternate Reality Game to tease future Death Stranding content. Other games like Hello Neighbor, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Overwatch have used ARGs to promote some of their content. However, Death Stranding’s ARG seems to be difficult as players are still scratching their heads to find solid leads.

Answers at E3?

Death Stranding is one of the upcoming titles that have scarce updates on it. Fans can hope that Kojima shows up on the Sony stage at E3 2017 to explain more about his weird game. Perhaps he’ll give another trailer or hint to check how deep this Death Stranding rabbit hole can get.

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