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Death Stranding’s Hideo Kojima Wants To Explore More Storytelling Techniques

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Death Stranding could be more unique than anything else. [Image from Amazon]

Death Stranding continues to be a fascinating topic among fans, thanks to a number of comments from Hideo Kojima. His upcoming PS4 exclusive still has no gameplay videos, but no other game has this much hype behind it. This is due to his very good resume’, working on the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid titles for Konami.

Recently, Kojima expressed interest in taking video game storytelling to the next level. Kojima said he wants to convey key plot points and drama through gameplay. Kojima said most games have used cutscenes, dialogue, and monologue to do this, however; he wants to explore other storytelling methods.

He said this during a Twitch stream for the Tribeca Gaming Festival. This is an interesting statement from Kojima, considering he has used lengthy cutscenes for the Metal Gear Solid series.

No More Cutscenes?

After the statement was made, Reddit users have been theorizing the different storytelling elements Kojima can use for Death Stranding. Some fans jokingly stated that it would be all gameplay, which would be really interesting to see from the creator. Others suggested that he could follow the Soulsborne method of subtle storytelling, focusing more on showing rather than telling.

Kojima isn’t exactly the most subtle storyteller and his scripts from various games will show that, especially in Metal Gear. To be fair, subtlety isn’t always needed when making stories, but it would be cool seeing Kojima try new things. It’s doubtful that the game will have no cutscenes, yet seeing the artist discuss new possibilities is very exciting.

Innovative Gameplay?

Game theorists have speculated that Death Stranding could have some innovative mechanics we’ve never seen before. Fans noticed that the blinking lights of the character’s handcuffs in the trailer are reminiscent of the DS4 lightbar. This seems to imply that the controller is acting like a set of handcuffs for the characters in the game. Considering Kojima’s statement that Death Stranding is a new game genre, anything can happen.

If this theory ends up being true, this could be one of the most innovative games coming to the PS4. Of course, none of this is confirmed, so it’s too early to assume that the title will be completely different. Still, until Kojima shows some gameplay himself, there’s nothing wrong with speculating on how the game will be.

Death Stranding will be a PS4 exclusive when it comes out, whenever that is, as the game has no release window. Fans are in for a long wait, but the gameplay in the end could be worth it. There’s plenty of celebrities in the game like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

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