Death Stranding: Sci-Fi And Time Travelling Gameplay For Hideo Kojima?s New IP?

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Death Stranding

In Sony?s E3 2016 show, the first game from Kojima Productions has been revealed to be Death Stranding, which features Norman Reedus. However, the game?s trailer was too complex to be understood with one look and left most fans clueless. Fortunately, fans on Reddit was able to find some clues that may explain the upcoming game?s plot and setting.

According to Kotaku, fans on Reddit were able to find some mathematical equations on the dogtags worn by the character of Reedus which can be seen in detail on the game?s official site. Written on the dogtags are the formula for the Schwarzschild Radius and the Dirac Equations. These equations are used in Quantum Physics which explains most sci-fi time and space travels. However, the Schwarzschild radius is directly linked to the black hole formation, and fans speculate that Death Stranding?s character may have used that to travel to the bizarre place he?s currently in. The quantum science or time traveling speculation is also supported by the character?s glowing handcuffs that could be an item he brought from the future.

Additionally, Kotaku also explained something about ?Cetacean Stranding? that is extremely near to the game?s title and could explain the dead aquatic animals surrounding Reedus in the trailer. Cetacean Stranding is what happens when aquatic mammals gets stranded as they are rendered immobile due to injury, or in rare cases, after following a stranded whale, leading to their collective deaths if not returned to the sea. Another speculation for the aquatic animal deaths seen in the trailer is that the animal?s deaths was caused by an oil spill due to the ?crude oil? liquid found on the character?s hands.

This concept of ?following somebody to your death? fits well with the upcoming game?s title and may explain the umbilical cords that look like regular electrical wiring. It?s possible that the character of Reedus is seen cherishing the baby as they may have a shared fate when the baby dies.

Most of the information about Hideo Kojima?s upcoming game is mostly fan speculation due to the cryptic content of its trailer. We will have to wait for the game director to reveal the upcoming title?s mysterious plot, setting and even its genre. As Kojima seems to be focused on the development of this game, it?s highly unlikely that he ever go back to handle the next Metal Gear entry.

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